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Coviran, the road to expansion

From its origins in Granada, the retail company Coviran is planning to spread throughout Spain and continue to offer rural areas a range that big retail groups do not envisage.

“A wide range and, above all, freshness are essential factors for our departments"

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Patxi Tobías


The Zamora platform will increase in size to be able to better supply the whole Castille-León region. This extension is part of larger plans to expand throughout Spain.

Coviran has 24 platforms supplying eight regions. Its presence in Andalusia is more important because this is where it originated. These platforms total approx. 200,000 square metres.

In recent years the company has been making important efforts to introduce new technology. For example, it has introduced the CRM system (Client Relation Management) to attend to their cooperative associates, an investment costing 614,535 Euros, as well as a radio frequency system RFID to automatically identify objects. Both technologies enable them to improve both logistic and sales processes.

Patxi Tobias, the Fruit and Vegetable Manager for the Northern Regions talked to Fruit Today euromagazine and commented that fruit and vegetables account for 20% of total sales in Coviran. Its turnover throughout Spain is around 70 million Euros. “Our policy is based on having the widest range possible in all our stores and obviously, for fruit and vegetables this is influenced by the season. We manage to ensure that fruit is very fresh because it goes directly from source to the retail outlets, the cooperative members of Coviran. “

This is why, Patxi confirms, the efforts the company is making into improving their platforms is absolutely necessary to maintain the freshness of foodstuffs and avoid shrinkage.

As Manager for the Northern Region, Patxi Tobias believes that sales between the North and South are different because the South prefers larger sizes in fruit and with higher sugar levels and more colour while the North prefers smaller fruit that is a little greener. “Apple varieties such as Reinata and Ariane would not be well received in Andalusia but the are very successful in the Basque Country for example.”

Coviran has two different types of retail outlet: the self-service Coviran where sales floor is between 100 and 250 square metres and the Supercoviran supermarkets with floor space in excess of 250 square metres.

As part of its expansion plans, Coviran recently launched a publicity campaign on Basque television and it plans to air on one of the national channels.


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